God’s Grace and Body Image

Do you ever feel like you’re just not skinny e4th postnough, pretty enough, or good enough in general? Especially now that summer is in full swing and all of your social media is full of bikini pictures featuring fit men and women and you look in the mirror and see something you absolutely hate? I do. I have for a very long time.

I have struggled with body image issues for quite some time but it hasn’t been this bad before. But the reason that I’m telling you this is because I have found a way to help change my perspective and hopefully, if you’re going through the same thing as me, it’ll help you too!

Now this isn’t a blog about how to lose weight, how to diet, or how to shed that stomach pouch! This is a blog post about how to become healthy, physically and mentally through God’s grace. Mainly how I got here was from reading my weekly email from Cambria Joy (which is so uplifting you should subscribe to them!) and watching her inspiring and life changing videos on YouTube. Her perspective on body image and being healthy completely changed my weight loss journey and I couldn’t be more grateful.

My first decision was to pick my reason “why” for working out and eating healthy. Was it beneficial for it just to be “skinny” or “Instagram body perfect”? No. I needed something so much more passionate, deep, and loving. So my why became this,

“I want to work out because God blessed me with this healthy, moving, and capable body. I want to show him my praise and thanks by moving my legs, stretching my muscles, and challenging my core to it’s best. I have this one body that I am so honored to get to take care of so I am going to fuel it with healthy, whole foods. I am going to give it nutrients, hydrate it, and most importantly listen to it. When I am hungry, I will eat. When I am full, I will be grateful. When I am tired, I will rest. I am going to treat my body with love, patience, and grace just like God does. I won’t punish myself for setbacks, I will only love my body more for being capable to overcome the obstacle. I am thanking You.” 

Besides that, I am praying to God for strength to resist temptation, patience to see results, and empathy for when I mess up. The more involved God is with the journey, the less alone you feel and the more empowered you are. Trust that He will help you reach your goals and know that He will always love you.

*If you are on a health journey do not be afraid to reach out to me as I would love support from others and I would love to support you!

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