Different Ways To Feel Close To God

In a world with such diversity, in terms of ways to connect with God, it can be difficult to find something that works for you. There are so many various ways you feel a deeper and stronger connection with your faith that doesn’t involve sitting in a pew trying to concentrate on the sermon. Since I have started my journey I have tried a few different things and thought I would share them with you in hopes that you find something you enjoy that will stick through the busy days!

1. Prayer/Prayer Journal

This is one I started right from the beginning and I think that’s why I was so motivated to keep going. There are so many ways you can pray which makes it so much fun! You can pray in bed at night, on the way to class, in the middle of class, on your drive to and from work, or before eating any meal. This is nice because it is something that doesn’t have to happen at a certain time, a certain place, or in a certain way. It is ALL up to YOU. My tip is just to try and do it once a week and continue to heighten that to twice a week or once a day! I like to pray in this form: I pray to thank God for something that happened that day (always bring your appreciation, thanks, and gratitude before your wants), I pray for my future husband and kids (even though they aren’t here yet I still want to help them as much as I can), and then I pray for myself. This helps me make sure I am not using prayer for just wants that I am declaring God to answer. Now I added “Prayer Journal” because I think it’s such a great idea to keep your prayers to look back on later to see which ones were answered and which ones weren’t and how that ended up being a good thing because God had something much bigger and better for you!

2. Bible/Bible Study

This is one I have kept up with pretty diligently but I don’t punish myself if I just don’t have time or feel like it. When I first started it was scary to try and read such a huge book so I started with reading two pages a day, that’s not too bad! Soon I began reading so many pages and not wanting to put it down I was so entranced with His word! But BE PATIENT. It might not happen right away! DON’T GIVE UP. I like to highlight verses in my Bible that stand out to me or form questions in my mind. Then I transfer those thoughts, feelings, and questions into my Bible Journal. It keeps all of my thoughts in one place which is nice and easy to look back on! I also started drawing and coloring in my Bible to help make the black and white pages more vivid and full of life! If it helps, contact a friend and start a Bible study to keep you on track and have conversations about verses! It can bring different perceptions that you may never thought of! It’s amazing what the human mind can’t see at first glance and how everyone can read the same sentence differently!

3. Devotionals 

I have recently started reading the “Daily Guideposts 2016” devotional book. It sheds light on different verses and how each person applies it to their life through the lessons they have learned. It also includes a little prayer from each individual which is my favorite part because it helps me expand my ways of praying! This is great if you don’t want to work with someone else through your journey but you still want different opinions, ideas, and thoughts!

4. Church

To be honest, this isn’t the place I feel most connected with God but I know that it is for some people! Try finding a church that you feel most comfortable in, friendly people, and an interesting pastor/priest. If it helps, you could bring a notebook to help jot down things from the sermon to help you stay focused and listening. Sometimes it’s hard not to start looking around the room and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t even know that light fixture was there!” and completely dismissing the whole sermon. Try as many different churches that you need to in order to find the perfect one for you.

5. Meeting With Your Pastor/Priest

I have not yet personally tried this one but I am really interested in doing so. After reading quite a bit of the Bible I have accumulated tons of questions and thoughts that I wish I could express with someone who has an abundance of knowledge in that department. But these meetings could even be about how you’re feeling or just getting a connection through God with a close relationship with your Pastor/Priest. You could even go to them for different ways to feel another connection to God, I am sure they have even more tips than me! These are people who are trying to spread God’s word and are more than happy to help you become closer to God.

6. Pinterest Bible Studies/Ideas

I recently found that there are TONS of people who are in a Bible study or have worksheets for you to copy and use on your own time. With technology being so efficient and helpful these days why not use it?! I know I only gave a few ideas but I am sure the internet could give you even more! Pinterest is such a great tool to help spark creativity, ideas, and interest.

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