The First Step To Faith


I remember being in my Government class of senior year and politics were being discussed through heated arguments and finger pointing. I am someone who doesn’t like to voice my opinion when it comes to politics because I truly believe I don’t contain enough knowledge and facts to. I sit back and listen to other people’s opinions and dissect and analyze them. But there are a few topics in politics that I am very passionate about, I won’t say what because that isn’t what this blog is about, but I kept hearing people say, “Well in the Bible it says” or “God said” to justify their reasons for believing what they did. As I sat back and listened I thought to myself, well how do they even know that? Have they read the Bible through and through? Have they studied His words enough to know what He has said? I made the decision that day to do just that.

That night, I went home and scrounged around for my dusty and untouched Bible my church had gotten me for confirmation. I flipped through the pages and thought, “Holy crap, where do I even start?“. I became intimidated by the small print, countless pages, and large book. I figured I would just start at the beginning and work my way through the words. I soon was engrossed by the detailed stories that were difficult to understand at first glance but soon I examined every word and became fascinated. I began highlighting verses and questioning stories which led me to become very overwhelmed. I figured the best way to keep my thoughts, questions, and feelings in one place would be to start a Bible journal as well. But soon I became bored; bored of reading and trying to unscramble the messages hidden in the sentences, so I quit. My Bible was tucked away and untouched for months.

When summer came around, I was getting nervous for my first year of college. My mind kept wondering to worries, concerns, and questions about it. I was cleaning through my deceased grandma’s things when I came across her Bible and was inspired once again. I ran home and copied all of my highlights and notes into my grandma’s Bible. It had a black leather cover and somehow sparked faith in me I didn’t even know I had. I began to devour God’s word and apply his wisdom to my own life. My worries for college began to drift away when I was reading His words and I started to become a better friend, a more caring sister, a helpful daughter, and a more confident woman.

I figured telling the beginning of my journey through faith would be the best way to start off my new blog. I hope to encourage others to study His words, believe in His miracles, and serve Him the best you can.

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